Busy weekends ahead!

I am most blessed to be able to work with four maybe five different GEAR UP schools over the next few weekends. My research for two of the sites has led to some very interesting discoveries on the topics of effective group work and effective inquiry particularly in the way we as teachers ask questions. As usual my handouts and comments will be posted here after the workshops.

Currently I am incorporating some of these techniques into my own classroom. This has meant some revamping of how I form my groups for a jigsaw for the social history of the US from 1820 to 1865. I am eager to see how it affects student learning.

Look at this site for some info and resources on these topics http://www.fisherandfrey.com

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2 Responses to “Busy weekends ahead!”

  1. Heather Wolpert-Gawron Says:

    Hey Darlene,
    I would love to hear more specifically about the changes you are making in your small group formation. Is there a way for you to post a step-by-step so that I can learn from your coolness? I wrote about Doug Fisher on my blog, and his ideas on the release of authority is vital in my own practice.


    Thanks for this post and for the fisher/frey resource. You are your own source of inspiration for many teachers.

    -Heather Wolpert-Gawron
    aka Tweenteacher


  2. strategicteaching Says:

    I am working on posting the matrix I used for my classes. It is very logical. I am using the process described by Frey, Fisher, & Everlove on p.99 of their book Productive Group Work. I may ask you for help making a podcast for this process. It is one of those things that is best demonstrated.
    Thanks for the kind words. For some reason my blog is getting a ton of hits today…wonder why?


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