Happy kNew Year!

Well…the Christmas break is over and a distinct grumbling can be heard as I read my colleagues posts on facebook. Many of us are dreading today’s sunbreak. Are we losing our passion for the classroom? Imagine what our students are feeling? I think I will take a poll. Results to follow.

After a hiatus I am back to posting and will do so regularly. My newest theme is embedded in the title of this post…kNew…there is a lovely paradox in the juxposition of the two spellings of that sound. What do we already know about learning and working with students and how can we use that “knew” in “new” and more impactful ways.

A first thought…In this age of budget cutbacks we need to remember a lesson from number lines. When I say “infinity” you probably think of the ends of a number line punctuated with an arrow shape that indicate the nonending direction of the line. However do you recall your geometry teacher pointing out the fact that there is always room for another point between two existing points? This internal infinity…the infinity of points between points is one we need to remember in this tough economic times. Imagine the possibilities for what we have…for who we teach…for who we are. Draw on our internal and existing capacity and resources and realize the power of who we are of who are students are…of the individual.


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