The Importance of Social Studies

In this age of accountability so often the focus is on Math and Language Arts. Sometimes Science creeps into the mix, but rarely is the fourth core subject, Social Studies, included as a priority. Why is  this? I am interested in what others think about this. I have some thoughts, but I want to listen (in a figurative sense) to the thoughts and opinions of others first.



2 Responses to “The Importance of Social Studies”

  1. strategicteaching Says:

    OK, the world is hesitant to make a statement…so I will start the conversation. Agree or diasagree. Social Studies is as important as any of the other core subjects … if not more so. Where else do students practice reading, writing, and thinking in ways that they will encounter throughout their lives? Where else do they learn how to participate in a democracy and why democracy matters? Where else do they learn to disagree agreeably on hot issue topics that affect their future? What! This does not sound like the social studies classroom you or your children sat in? It should.


  2. Mr. Rhys, TMS Says:

    Agree! Social Studies is where literacy gets put to work by citizens.


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